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Park Usage Policy(Grounds)
Park Usage Policy(Grounds)
1. Policy

The Parks Board is committed to providing the cricketers of the Lower Mainland with quality park and recreational opportunities in a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment. To fulfil this commitment they have instilled a lot of faith in the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League who have further given this ground to its responsible members. The Code simply requires that members of the BCMCL must conduct themselves in a rational and reasonable manner, in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Park Board of each municipality.

2. Regulations
No person or permit holder shall violate any rule or condition on a permit.
3. Alcohol/Tobacco, Controlled Substances

Possession, use or distribution of alcohol and tobacco products; illegal drugs or controlled dangerous substances is prohibited.

4. Indecent Conduct

Urinating or defecating on parks other than in the places officially provided is prohibited.

5. Obstructing Entrances, Exits, Sidewalks

No person(s) shall congregate or assemble in or about any public structure on parks property in such a manner as to hinder or obstruct the proper use thereof.

6. Employees: Interference with Duties and Programs
  1. No person may interfere with any parks employee acting in the course of his or her official duties.
  2. No person may disrupt or obstruct participation in a parks program, activity or at a parks facility.
7. Unauthorized Presence

A person requested to leave parks facility by authorized personnel must do so immediately.

8. Destruction of Park Property

No person may deface, destroy, injure, misuse, or remove any parks property.


9. Littering, Dumping and Storage
  1. No person may deposit, leave, or spill refuses or other substances on Park property other than in receptacles provided for this purpose.
  2. No person may store material of any description on Park property except by written authorization from the Park boards.
10. Audio Devices and Noise

No person may play an audio device or create excessive noise so as to disturb the peace.

11. Brockton Pavilion

  1. Be respectful to the staff of the Brockton clubhouse at all times.
  2. The tables and chairs are the property of the clubhouse and it needs to be respected.
  3. Support the bar at the clubhouse as that will help raise the funds for the society to maintain the Brockton clubhouse.